Trip to Cornwall

These are the pictures from the 4 day trip to Cornwall.
On the way we stopped at Stonehenge, slept over one night in Warminster. The next day we had a very nice time in Longleat park where we walked the maze and got lost (a bit) and used Reverse Engineering to figure out our way to the middle of the maze. In Longleat there is a unique Safari! Which is AMAZING, where we saw giraffes, rhinoceros, zebras, dear, antelopes, monkeys, lions, tigers and wolves. It is really a worthwhile place to visit although, entry was a bit pricy at £24, with a “special” discount from the landlady in Warminster where we stayed overnight, without discount the normal price is somewhere around £28 per person for a day pass. The monkeys are FEROCIOUS!!! BEWARE of them! If you chose to drive your own car through the Safari and do not pay £6 extra for the guided but tour (which seems a bit expensive for me) then you have to take the disclaimer about the monkeys seriously! Because they will try to tear apart your car! Seriously! But it was fine they only managed to take of some of the plastic strip covers from the roof of the car, and chewed on the windscreen washer liquid nozzles. However the caretakers warned us that the monkeys have managed to rip off two rear view mirrors on the same day!

Then drove over to Newquay where we stayed two nights and walked around. After that we had a last trip to Lands End, then we drove all the way back to Canterbury.

There are just over 300 pictures in this gallery so be patient while your browser is loading them all.

Hope you like them!

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