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Random Quote of the Day

[qotd filename=”fortunes.dat”] Refresh the page for more quotes… Note: These quotes are obtained from CVS log for src/games/fortune/datfiles/fortunes of FreeBSD they do not necessarily represent the views of the author of this website and they might be offensive to some group of people. I am sorry for that, but in that case you shouldn’t use […]

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The GRAND DADDY of source codes is released!

Just in case you wanted to have the most amazing piece of source code, of the most sought after product in the world (not really, but its a good introduction, isn’t it?) Then you came to the right place!

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Funniest pictures, ever!

Over time I have seen some seriously funny stuff. I tried to compile that, keep it, safeguard it and present it to generations to come… Click here to enter my sacred archive of a few of the funniest cartoons and pictures I bothered to keep! Enjoy!

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