Recursive File Searcher

Description of Recursive File Searcher version 1.06 (beta)

Have you ever wanted to search and replace a string in several files at once, but never could find the right tool to do it?
Well me too!
I know there are loads of free and/or paid software that can do this job but I just couldn’t be bothered to search and try them, and also if they turn out that they are no good they clutter your Registry and \Windows\* directory with loads of junk.
So, I decided to write my own! This way I know for sure that there is 100% no SPYWARE, BLOATWARE or CRAPWARE in my program!
Also I decided to make it freely available since I use quite a lot of free software myself and I trust them to be “CLEAN” of any nasty features. Below you will find a link where you can download it!
However I must warn you, this program is NOT guaranteed to be fit for purpose! It was made for my own personal usage! I take no responsibility from any damages you might occur!
Nevertheless, please do give it a try, in case you need such a program.

I will write a little help file at least to describe its usage and features. But don’t hold your breath, cuz’ I don’t know when that is going to happen. But, its a simple program so you might even figure it out yourself! :)

System requirements:
Windows machine with some fair amount of memory and the other specs should also be reasonable…
Microsoft .Net needs to be installed

If it does not work for you drop me a line! I would like to hear from you!

Source code will be provided on demand, just whistle… uhm, I mean,… ask for it! 😉

Click here to download Recursive File Searcher!

For a larger screenshot click here:

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